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Welcome to the Home of KFileReplace
KFileReplace is a very capable multi-line, mutli-file, multi-directory find and replace that can create backups, use wildcards and generally do almost anything you could want from such a tool. It was originally developed by Fran�is Dupoux and we rescued it when it was looking as if we might not see any further development. Emiliano Gulmini took over development and enabled it to be used as a KPart plugin as well as rewriting the engine. As it looks like Emiliano will not be able to continue to maintain it we are looking for another developer to do the much lighter ongoing maintenance.
Our purpose here at the KFileReplace Site
This site will provide information to new and prospective users, user support, resource repositories, developer support, project schedules and information and a lot more.

It will be undertaken by a team of developers and users with a goal to set a new standard of excellence in using the web to advance FLOSS.
Looking forward
KFileReplace should get some work to take advantage of the new architecture in KDE 4. It also should probably be made available as a more general tool outside of the kdewebdev module. We are hoping to bring further refinements but looking for interested maintainers.
Get involved with KDE Web Dev
If you are interested in getting involved with this project please visit our developer area or contact our project leader Eric Laffoon eric@kdewebdev.org

We need help with screenshots, various administrative tasks and site development.